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What is your fee for portfolio management services?

The fee is a percentage of the portfolio assets we manage directly for you. The fee rate is dependent upon the total size of the relationship and the types of assets we manage for you. The annual fee rate is between 0.5% to 1.50% and is deducted from your accounts on a quarterly basis. Under a percentage of assets arrangement, our earnings are dependent on the value of your portfolio, and our motivation is the same as yours – to protect and enhance the value of your portfolio. We do not charge or receive any form of commission based fees. This arrangement puts us on the same side of the table as our clients and eliminates potential conflicts of interest.

When I invest with Arbor, who is actually holding my money?

As an independent advisory firm, Arbor Investment Management does not take direct custody of any of our client’s funds. We assist our clients in establishing all accounts needed to facilitate the management relationship at a major, national brokerage/custodian firm. Our preferred custodian for our client’s assets is Charles Schwab Institutional, due to their expertise in serving independent, fee-based investment advisors and their clients. Charles Schwab & Co. provides our clients with low transaction fees, a wide range of account services, and has the necessary platforms to allow us access to the widest possible array of investments tools.

What is your required minimum portfolio size?

Due to the very high level of service and effort we commit to each of our client relationships, Arbor Investment Management requires a minimum household portfolio value of $250,000. However, if you are contemplating retirement in the foreseeable future or are awaiting other future financial events, we encourage you to talk with us, we are certainly able to be flexible under the right circumstances.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes. We start each client relationship with at least one complimentary consultation where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how we work with clients. If we both determine it looks like we are a good fit for each other, we will set up another meeting to gather detailed information required to help set up your accounts, discuss specific recommendations for your investment portfolio and any other recommendations on how to improve your financial situation.

Do you offer tax, estate planning, or other related financial services?

Due to our critical focus on asset management, we do not directly offer tax, estate planning or legal services. However, we do address tax and legal considerations when analyzing our client’s investment situation and can coordinate implementation of our recommendations with our client’s CPA or Attorney.

Is there a long-term contractual obligation for Arbor Investment Management’s services or any investments in my accounts?

No. There are no exit fees or any other strings attached when you hire us. We prefer to maintain our clients by delivering a level of service and performance that exceeds expectations, rather than relying on exit penalties.

How often will I receive financial statements regarding my accounts?

You will receive monthly statements from your account custodian, as well as quarterly portfolio holdings and performance reports from Arbor. We are also able to provide a wide variety of additional reports (asset allocation, tax reports, etc.) at any time upon request.

How can I distribute cash from my portfolio when needed?

Your personal Arbor Portfolio Manager, working with our service team at your account custodian, can assist in setting up the cash distributions you desire from your after-tax or IRA accounts. The options for cash distributions are extremely flexible, and our team can provide guidance on the various choices and tax withholding considerations when taking IRA distributions.

Can I access my account information and documents on-line?

Yes. You will have 24/7 on-line access to your accounts, and access to up to ten years of historical statements and other account documents.

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