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Personalized Wealth Management Strategies and Retirement Planning
- Advocates for Your Financial Goals

At Arbor Investment Management our dedicated, experienced portfolio managers excel at creating strategically diversified portfolios specifically tailored to the unique goals and values of each client. We employ a valuation-based approach to investment selection to strike the best balance of risk and reward over longer time periods. We believe our intensive focus on valuation and fundamental analysis of each investment are critical to avoiding short-term market fads and asset bubbles. Through our research efforts, we strive to identify true value in each selected investment and carefully construct quality portfolios to deliver the long-term investment gains that will provide the inflation adjusted lifetime income you desire.

Investment Research & Selection Process

  • Screen major industry sectors comprehensively to monitor valuation levels within and across sectors

  • Identify the prevailing trends and cycles in the broader global economy and within specific geographies and industry sectors

  • Conduct intensive fundamental, bottom-up research on the potential of specific leading companies within attractive geographies and sectors

  • Determine the fair value to be paid for each investment’s current financial outlook and future return potential

Portfolio Management Strategies

  • Determine the appropriate target asset allocation given the client’s personal risk/reward criteria

  • Structure a diversified portfolio of individual investments matched to the specific financial goals and investment time horizons of the client

  • Maximize tax efficiency by appropriately allocating investments within taxable and tax-deferred accounts, and by carefully managing recognized gains in taxable accounts

  • Pay a fair price for the total return potential of each investment and exercise patience as the value of each investment emerges, while monitoring against initial expectations

  • Sell when an investment’s performance and current price indicate the expected future rate-of-return is below desired levels or less attractive than other available opportunities

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